Better Understand Your Guests
Operate More Efficiently
Simple and Effective Marketing

Better Understand Your Guests
Operate More Efficiently
Simple and Effective Marketing

A Completely Customizable Solution For Restaurants.

All-In-One Guest Engagement, Marketing, Loyalty and Front of House Management.

Starting at just $79/month


Proven Results With Over 2 Million Guests Seated

Guests Are More Engaged

★ 40% of waiting guests visit the restaurant's branded webpage.
★ 15% of those guests connect (social media, email list, share preferences, loyalty program, feedback, or gift cards).
★ 2 month case study: 1,333% more feedback left through TableUp than reviews on Yelp – 95% included the guest’s email.

Operations Are More Efficient

★ 20% of guests view menus while waiting, improving table turns.
★ Restaurants report up to a full extra table turn on busy nights - increasing revenue.

Easier Guest Access to Tables

Make it easier for guests to visit your restaurant by allowing them to view the current wait time, join your call ahead list, and make a reservation - all from your website, Facebook page, and branded iPhone & Android apps.

We will also be introducing a TableUp guest app for iPhone and Android to help drive traffic to our partner restaurants.

Branded Mobile Apps

Why spend $15,000+ creating apps that constantly require updating? With TableUp, you can have a beautifully designed iPhone and Android app with your restaurant's name, logo and color scheme that promotes brand awareness, customer retention, and loyalty.

These powerful native apps allow guests to view wait times and join the call ahead list, make reservations, connect with you on social media, leave feedback, earn points, browse & redeem rewards, order online, and much more!

Identify Your Guests

TableUp’s patent pending technology immediately recognizes guests when they enter your restaurant and tracks them right to their table, creating a huge advantage for both hospitality and marketing. Guests don't even need to take their phone out of their pocket!

Our non-invasive process does NOT track guest movements around the restaurant, alleviating privacy concerns.

Revolutionary Rewards Program

Traditional loyalty programs don't identify your best guests until their dining experience has ended! TableUp not only identifies guests when they arrive, it also allows you to create custom rewards in real-time that guests will love.

Rewards are only limited by your imagination - exclusive reservations, VIP chef tastings, free food & drinks, tickets to events, and much more. Encourage repeat visits by offering a special perk on the 2nd visit and create excitement by limiting the quantity available.

You can even drive traffic during off-peak hours, big games, or holidays by increasing point values during different day parts and special events.

Complete Front of House Management

TableUp replaces everything at the host stand. Seamlessly manage your wait list, call ahead list, reservations, floor plan, and servers from multiple devices in real-time. It can even calculate your estimated wait time and manage online reservations.

TableUp reduces stress on your hosts, increases retention, and frees them up to make each guest feel like a regular.

Connect With More Guests

TableUp was designed to increase guest engagement while waiting for their table, and after they've left the restaurant. Quickly grow your email list, drive social media connections, and dramatically increase feedback. You can even offer points to guests as an added incentive.

Increase Seating Efficiency

Tables sitting empty on a busy night result in longer wait times, more walkaways, and less revenue. Our Strategic Seating System helps you quickly identify & seat open tables.

Integrated Feedback

The TableUp internal feedback system gives you multiple tools to drive guest feedback. Automatically send post-visit text messages to encourage feedback and offer points to confirmed visitors as an added incentive.

You'll even be notified when feedback is submitted by a guest who's currently seated in the restaurant!

Simple and Effective Marketing

Create custom email segments based on guest data, then send the lists to Constant Contact and MailChimp.

  • ★ Tell guests who haven’t visited recently that you miss them
  • ★ Send a VIP offer to frequent visitors
  • ★ Email birthday wishes for the current month
  • ★ Let everyone know about an upcoming event

...all with a few clicks

Dashboard & Analytics

The TableUp dashboard gives you complete access to view and update all information, features, rewards, menus, operating data, and much more with easy access from any device.

Fully Customizable

Each restaurant operates differently, which is why TableUp is completely customizable. Every message, status, option, and preference is completely customizable within the app and dashboard. Want to turn on guest messaging and pre-ordering? Wait list getting long and want to disable joining your call ahead list? Make changes in real-time.

Personalized Training

We’ll schedule a personalized training session for each location that’s targeted to how your restaurant operates. We also offer training videos and support is just a phone call or email away.

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